The Owner

Meet Sarah!

Sarah is a 26 year old single mom of two toddler boys, and established Peach and Poe Co. in September of 2021. She has been cleaning houses since she was 14, and has always had a passion for community outreach. Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico Sarah and her children currently reside in Houston, Texas where she has seen a great need not only for her professional services, but for community development as well. 


About the company

From humble beginnings in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I began cleaning houses at the age of 14 to earn money while in high school. Since then, my  expertise has grown through housekeeping in five star hotels, cleaning mansions every other week, organizing houses that have been hoarded, and not to mention keeping my own home as tidy as possible as a single mom to two toddler boys. Throughout high school while working multiple jobs and earning my diploma,  I also dedicated my spare time to feeding the homeless on the streets of my impoverished home town, drawing up blueprints for an orphanage I wished to one day build in Thailand, and addressing envelopes that housed grant applications for my late grandmother’s local community project The Wagon Mound Development Fund. Created by Theresa Carmody, this non-profit project sought funding to build a greenhouse that provided fresh vegetables free of charge to the local school and low income housing located in Wagon Mound, New Mexico. This small northern village, with a population of less than 300 and  a prime example of a food desert area, lacks access to healthy, affordable food (and affordable food in general). The residents of this town live solely off of two gas stations where a gallon of milk is commonly $9, with a 30-40 mile radius to the nearest grocery store.  Even in the age of home delivery, access to healthy food and many other resources is greatly limited for the occupants of these types of areas, especially for the children who have even less options than adults. 

As I grew older I realized how heavy the burden of food insecurity in our country, and the world, really is. But what could I do to solve such an enormous problem among all the other problems that occur in our world? Although at times it can feel as though the weight is too large for one person to bear, I remind myself that even if I can create change for one person, that is often enough to inspire them and others to do the same, and that’s when real change is seen. 

This was my main motivation when I legally established Peach and Poe Co. in September of 2021; Firstly, to use my expertise to help my clients regain control of their lives and have a place to find peace of mind and gather joyfully with friends and family. Secondly,  to provide for myself and my children with my high standard of cleaning/organizing and my evolved work ethic. And last but certainly not least, to help build a better future for underprivileged communities and those who have less opportunities than I grew up with. And thus, Peach and Poe Co.’s Grow Together, Glow Together initiative blossomed. Through this initiative my company has pledged to donate 20% of all proceeds directly to trusted, local community projects. So far, Peach and Poe Co. has donated over $5,000 to Hatch T.V., which provides free and low cost professional sport’s videography to aspiring young athletes that can be used in college and scholarship applications.