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The Hearts of Gold Foundtion: Feeding Food Deserts

The Hearts of Gold Foundation began in 2022 by Sarah Cruz, the owner of Peach and Poe Co. LLC; a cleaning company located in Houston, Texas.

From her childhood, Ms. Cruz has always loved the outdoors and cared deeply for humanity and the struggles many face in terms of injustice, hardships, and unequal access to a variety of resources, especially that of healthy food.

At the Hearts of Gold Foundation, we believe that having access to healthy, nutrient rich food is the cornerstone for change in other areas of the world, including human rights, peace where there's war, water conservation, and so much more. We believe that if you do not have a full stomach, you will not have the ability to make changes elsewhere.

That's why we're dedicated to Feeding Food Deserts!

To learn more about food deserts, check this out!

Our goal at the Hearts of Gold Foundation is to gain funding for the construction, production, and upkeep of greenhouses in food desert areas, where access to healthy, affordable food is very low.

The idea began when Ms. Cruz's late grandmother, Theresa Carmody (the original Heart of Gold), began a similar foundation called the Wagon Mound Development Fund, which gathered funding for the construction of a small greenhouse in Wagon Mound, New Mexico; a food desert in Northern New Mexico where the closest grocery store is over 30 miles away. The greenhouse would be used to provide free vegetables to the local school as well the low-income housing in the area, although it was open to all 300 residents of the village. The greenhouse still stands today, and is just a piece of the legacy that Mrs. Carmody left on Earth.

Now, we believe it's our turn to take what she started and form it into something larger; reaching more communities in food deserts, especially those in the Houston area, where there is a staggering correlation between food insecurity and BIPOC communities.

It's our goal to not only feed these areas, but create application based internships for high school students who are interested in horticulture, where they will be allotted $5,000 for college preparation, as well as the opportunity to care for the greenhouse over the summer and gather life experience, and acquire a great addition to college and scholarship applications.

Our only motivation is to make an impact in this world while we can, and build a greater future. 100% of all donations go directly to funding these projects.

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